APG IET – Interline E-Ticketing

APG Network has built an Interline E-Ticketing “hub” with its own airline APG Airlines (GP-275). With the APG IET solution, airlines will only have to sign one single IET contract with  APG Airlines to regain lost interline revenues instead of signing dozens or even hundreds of bilateral agreements.

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– The APG IET solution is marketed and administered by APG Network.

– APG Airlines, a scheduled airline operating between Nice in Southern France and Bergamo in Northern Italy with a 7 seater BE-200 bi-turboprop and proposing French style luxury services, functions as the E-Ticketing platform and is the validating carrier.

-APG Airlines (GP-275) is linked to an Electronic Ticketing data base in Hitit CS ’ “Crane Pax” inventory system that communicates with the GDSs, including Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan, Apollo, Abacus and Topas. MONA LISA is our revenue accounting system.

-APG IET will use familiar IATA and ARC tools, including BSPs around the world and ARC in the United States plus ICH, ACH, ICCS, Card Clear, IDEC, iinet and SIS.

-Acceptable forms of payment include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners and UATP.

-A joining airline will only have to sign one single reciprocal interline e-ticketing agreement with GP-275.APG will develop the Global Business Requirement (GBR) and required electronic links with the airline.

-84,000 IATA and ARC travel agencies (initially in 100 BSPs and ARC) will be able to issue Interline E-Tickets through GDS using the GP-code on IET partners of GP. Using our 200+ airline client base, we are assembling a portfolio of IET partners – many that an airline may not have connected with, or cannot get.

-Participating airlines will be paid on the usual basis according to the standard IATA rules, either via the IATA Clearing House or bilateral invoicing between the partner and GP.

Please visit our dedicated APG IET web site for further details.

Why use APG IET?

  • Acces to several airlines which participate in the program can be ticketed on GP
  • Ability to ticket GP with any GDS
  • Ticket airlines that may not display in your GDS (Member or not member of your local BSP)
  • All major Credit Cards & UATP are accepted (according to your market)
  • No fees or enrolment, APG IET is accessible to any travel agent with access to a GDS system.


How to price for APG Airlines?

Amadeus: FXP/R,VC-GP
Sabre: WPAGP
Worldspan: 4P*#CGP
Galileo: FQ/CGP
Apollo: T:$bCGP

Active Airlines:

All the airlines chose APG IET to facilate the Travel Agents to sell them when they are not in the local BSP and to connect them with other airlines with which they do not have Interline Agreement in direct.

See all active airlines from our websites: APG IET Airlines


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