APG Product Portfolio

APG-Air Promotion Group has developed a comprehensive suite of outsourced services known as the “World Program”. By contacting Airtouch, you will be connected with the chosen products and markets.

With IBCS you have full BSP membership in a programme backed by IATA, which is especially suited for scheduled airlines seeking to increase sales in marginal markets.
IBCS helps airlines to open up individual market fare distribution and to increase revenues without the burden of high BSP joining / running fees.

Cost Structure

  • Joining fee of just USD 1000 per BSP – A one time levy paid upon joining a BSP
  • Flat annual membership fee of only USD 500 per airline – Paid yearly regardless of the number of BSPs joined
  • Surcharged SCU USD 2.50 per SCU (standard charging unit) with no productivity minimums
  • 3 % cost administration fee based on productivity only – Assessed monthly on net value of tickets sold through BSP

Additional Advantages

  • Full BSP membership in a program backed by IATA
  • Delivers the IATA Agent Sales Channel, accounting for more than 80% of airline ticket revenues
  • Affords automated neutral ticket issuance via GDS
  • Available worldwide in 65 BSPs / 130 countries
  • Features a “Pay as you Earn” variable cost system
  • Remittance on BSP payment cycle directly to airline
  • Participants eligible for IATA Currency Clearance System (ICCS) – allows payment in choice of currency and country
  • No long term contracts – 90 days notice
  • Possible upgrade to regular BSP membership at any time (in line with justifiable revenue growth)