APG has a single goal: to help airlines to exploit their smaller markets on a “variable cost” basis.

The last dollar is very important, as long as it does not cost more than one dollar!

APG- Global Associates – The World’s Leading Network for Airline Services is organized on a worldwide basis.

Airtouch has been a proud member and representative of APG since 2009. Our own independent operation is suited to local needs, but we can also act globally.

The APG World Program is a holistic approach to outsourced airline distribution and financial managemet, geared to helping airlines extract the last incremental dollar from both small/seasonal “Online” markets and “Offline” markets of all geographical sizes.

Through Airtouch you can have access to all the APG services and products which covers over 150 countries and 239 airlines.
APG World Program consists among other things: General Sales & Services Agency, Interline E-Ticketing, IATA BSP Consolidator System and Audit of BSP and ARC sales.

Read more and find a full list of products and services here.