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Royal Air Maroc, the Moroccan national airline, naturally African, aims at placing Africa at the center of the world. By linking the continent to major international and regional
cities through its hub in Casablanca, one of the first African transit airports, the company is actively engaged in the development of Africa.

Modernity and Authenticity
Royal Air Maroc carries within itself the values of modernity
and authenticity. Its identity is defined through this ambivalence, combining
modernity, expertise and technology with traditions and a
rich cultural heritage.

Expertise and reliability
Royal Air Maroc meets the international standards of airlines in terms of safety and security, and has the highest level of certifications in the industry making it one of the
most reliable carriers.

Openness and diversity
Casablanca, a city of meeting and trade, the crossroads of Africa and Royal Air Maroc’s hub, is the cornerstone of the openness of the company to the world and its active contribution to the development of Africa. Thus, Royal Air Maroc employs over 20
different nationalities from Africa, Europe, America and Asia. Royal Air Maroc is also an official partner of major events in Africa, demonstrating its active support for art, culture
and education.

Royal Air Maroc has a young and modern fleet, with an average age of 7 years.
By the end of 2014 and early 2015, two Boeing 787-800 Dreamliners long-haul and 4 Embraer 190 medium-haul will join Royal Air Maroc’s fleet.
After a successful restructuring, Royal Air Maroc has launched a new stage of development.

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